Satan’s actual face

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pirit holding Marduk jpg.jpg

Now, if ever you wonder who the spirit is that chases the marduk spirit that gave himself to the so called « demons » watch well this one in particular. I asked that spirit to show itself, it did in two days on my screen. You know that smile, it was even on a rolling stones cover, you have seen people wearing that stupid mask. They may now see who it belongs to and the satan still thinks himself very smart to take us al for mental images we are not.  Well, now you know where this « terrifying smile » comes from and that insects are NOT demons, but you don’t play fools to let them speak through you, they transform YOU in a devil full of crime that never will see ocean of compassion if you dont find a some bounty to give to them so they keep you up the bearer spirits, greater then multiple galaxies, wider then the seas bliss, keepers of the infernal memories in the dark of ocean of compassion. Talk only to the REAL insects, not in your head, keep to your heart and void the Satan’s motors so he stops to rage around and torture our heads with his endless commentaries, these come from this little one a very funny chap is he indeed. If you let him do he will even play bloody Jesus in your head for you if you wish, dispatching lights of others, only playing fool in your head if you let him do. otherwise you laugh and you give the chap some bounty and ask it to go down under your feet. Five hundred thousand years he holds the one who accepted the proposition to be a god. Well, now look unto that god you idiot, pushed by the hatred of the bearer spirits hatred, not to want to be a dignified spirit in the living cosmos and doing evil in our heads. You don’t play smart with the infrared currents. All is spirit, all is Life, all is ocean of compassion. right now, eternity your spirit stands into. Your attention point, take care that it is not held by an insect,  if you let them rule your head they play with you endlessly and push you to your ruin if you dont wish to be a dignified being respecting the other creatures that uphold you  AND IT IS ALL BEINGS OF THIS UNIVERSE. Be grateful to them, be thankful and see that the greatest spirits know how to make themselves VERY SMALL, not expanded as the idiot who lets this spider rule him completely.Give them some bounty and gratitude for their immense works no life would exist without them, they are the keepers, not demons, but if you want to be wicked they already hold you.

the Falcon in midst of angry crows has read the distant smoke

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I move like the turtle in such ferocious shadow thrown on me. Patient must be the holy way in the greatest times of trouble and often look like nothing, a sparrow yet to love or not makes a world of difference. the spirit sparkle of the ocean must call the pillars of the soul, the lights the many want to feed upon, it makes all thrive a hell. The flame was kept yet to rejoice yep around the sacred pipe, hopefully sing and dance we will as we cannot loose our sight as our future lies in the now remembered past.

I await the sacred pipe while smoking one on your behalf 😉 and my joy for all of you is great as much as cut in pieces. may the emissaries prepare themselves and also look like nothing, is better yet to hold the root then to loose the entire tree to show too early flowers that are yet to grow. beware now of the screens, a house is yet to be rebuild in humble tears that call repair for centuries of sufferings.

Be blessed and thanked a thousand times for great generosity that make the noble men and this bliss now shine on you through all the stars and always give you smile for having kept your bounty and your tenderness for all the beings as link to our skies. Best keepers have you for our mother been .  NAMASTAHO  😉

Marvelous Gütenberg

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and a world was drowned in minds after it had drowned already

Wonderful Gütenberg invented the first printing principle we were told at northern brainwash school, a very reputated establishment held by religious mantas and little jacob lifts his arm and says « But mistress I’ve seen the sumerians knew about the printing principle and made printing rolls for children, little pictures explaining history and keeping memory you can endlessly print on fresh clay, like the passing of the iron tools from Enlil to the earthlings and eventually on how to use them or other memories that should not be forgotten » and there he stands, perhaps with chance, up to this day a donkey cap on head and facing ends of roads in the glorious rubix cube of master greater zeus torturing us in bliss while w can suffer endlessly from his expanded demence on us, simply because he always got hateful the minute he would be obliged to see our reality does NOT change by his glorious and very magical and divine and glorious THOUGHTS

Capture d'écran 2017-12-25 20.35.27.png


what would you do if you are a scribe and not a memory keeper as such, to draw pictures, but should write and print more common uses as storage of goods, orders, exchange contracts or such more common matters, transmitting the harvests to the next year, marriages, invitations and such happenings and needs to write

would you rewrite all your 400 letters constantly ?

or would you make them in little clay rectangles, as printing pads carved reverse so the print is readable, each letter then to be re-used infinitely and the word pads need just to be assembled in a box to form the phrases like in sumerian seems the rule. I am Love for I am in love for example, sun shining over earth and so on, each pictorgrams up to 400 caracters the scribe had to learn and mind

Capture d'écran 2017-12-25 20.35.55.png

and a fresh clay sheet pushed then down on  it and made already was your print

exactly Gütenberg’s thought it is and exactly what we here see , just that for ink to stay on pads lead had to be used to evenly force the ink on papers

We could say « but then all letters should be in relief » and nope, actually yes they could and the printing pads should then all be reversed and in relief… very complicated to do. So you do it the easier way and the end result will be 100% readable with no effort. First you write your letter correctly on a clay pad, you harden it, then you use that one as a stamp on another piece of fresh clay which will be your finished pad, that one now appears in relief and your letter appears perfectly reversed and your printing pad is now ready to align a thousand times the same letter perfectly, without the need to learn to write reversed your 400 letters, already a plague it was to learn them all 😉

Capture d'écran 2017-12-25 20.21.50

but some 4 to 7000 years before and even while such artifacts are so abundant none seems to be able to count them off, the sumerians were silenced and NOTHING was told about them in official school there to lobotomize us and bring us back in front of  priests all the time to teach us the great mystery of the human genesis that stems from apes but also from adam and eve, forcefully we were constnatly brought back to the apes, now flabbergast about these matters

now everyone plays smart hum ? even the meat machine talks as if the sumerians had always been known to us. Nope they were hidden from our sight, erased from our memories and why ? because the genesis memories the sumerian records hold are true, otherwise there was absolutely no fucking need to hide them seven thousand years long

it would have been one complete mystification where men fly around and walk on waters or fly off on white horses that magically disappear to constantly leave us in our sorrows and sufferings, like vanishing dreams that should save us… from what ? from them ? indeed while our reality of the sacred instant of life is bereft of as many spirits that instead of bringing their love into their instant leave it out to dream and corrupt the air and the currents of ocean of compassion that is NOW and FOREVER

here stripe modules, each scribe probably fixing his printing tools himself

Capture d'écran 2017-12-25 20.56.18.png

you can amuse yourselves by making these printing rolls

or a scribe’s printing box and pads, it’s fun you know

and might be useful if we had a major shake that would leave us back to candle light


Who drew our cars ?

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Engineers ? Forcefully. But see these spiders faces

and who really felt at home in the cars frontal faces

a great corporation indeed

Beware with technology, especially if you not chose the benevolent ones

Thinking of marvelous mister Victor Stepanovitch Grebennikov for Christmas

Capture d'écran 2017-12-05 02.12.40




Reconstruir Saksyahuaman

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Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 22.23.37

Los conquistadores destruyen la casa del consejo de las tribus… en tonces puedes reconstruir la, no ? La torre del centro has mas ventanas, muy largas, grande ventanales saves, un espacio interior abierto a el secundo piso quien es su techo y una escalera, lo tertiero piso es para meditar, ventanas pequenias, es un espacio por silencio. escuchar todo, el vientos y las parolas del consiglio de los tres circulos. El premero para los sabios que hablan, el secundo circulo tiene dos emisarios de todas la tribus, ellos aportan los problemos y novellas de su tribus a todos y si necessitan ayuda. Lo tercero circulo es por nadie, que quiere escuchar, in principio silente pero si piensa que une parola falta puede hablar. Asi todo del spirito puede se manifestar y asi un consiglio realmente es. Una casa asi del consiglio en todas las tribus dentra ellas los emisarios van y vienen. El centro del consiglio es un estanque que se llena quando la lluva viene… o se puede una fuente que los espanolos han tapado… ventanas muy largas por la casa del consejo y une apertura circular a los dos techos… viste… con sus dos torres con dos luces, una por el sol, la casa del consillo por la tierra madre y la secunda torre por su Icha la luna… que maravillia era la grande casa del consejo. Saludos a los familiares 😉

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Meditate on this please

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Meditate please on the most astounding pieces of archeology. Meditate please on this sumerian tablet, it pictures a 3D route plan entitled « Route Plan Enlil Earth. Our planet counted as seventh one, the others picturing names like blue and green hosts for uranus and neptune. We had to await the pictures of the robots send into space to confirm this planets descriptions. You only need that in space, the star constellation being your six fix stars as anchoring points to move through them to your original point. Knowing that your starting or arrival point is Syrius here, in the center of the circular map, that also behaves as if it is the view point for the viewer not to lose from sight, the constant aignement of your six points will enable you to travel steadily and surely.

We never did accurate 3D stellar flight routes, did we ?



Observez bien ce disque sumerien, il est un plan de route 3D pour se mouvoir entre des systèmes solaires. En sachant qu’au milieu de voitre carte vous avez le point de départ ou d’arrivée, ici le système solaire de Syrius au centre du disque donc, notre système solaire est gravé là, sur la gauche du disque, les planètes justement décrites de par leur nom, ainsi Uranus et Neptune sont les hôtes célèstes bleu et vert, ce que sont ces deux planètes en effet, mais il aura fallu nos sondes pour le confirmer. La terre annotée comme septième planète. le disque est titré « Feuille Route Enlil Aller Terre ». Pobablement les pièces archéologiques les plus importantes sur ce monde avec les récits de genèse de l’humanité.

Nous ne faisons pas des plans de route 3D interstellaires

Capture d'écran 2017-12-02 02.05.09


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je troues je perces je parais 2

Like all colors get mixed from three base colors, six colours, primaries and secondaries like the star of David with the white light as source and origin, seven note scales to build symphonies. endless sacred geometries, all carried on through the éights our deeds placed in holy life, instant per instnt your life’s music is composed and you choose the tone,rythms, to be as aligned possible with the peace residing in the sacred instant the whole universe breathes. Like DNA stripes music is and flows. And as words are sufficient to understand they are not to be felt. incarnation it is what forces us to learn, our thougts not all powerful, our thoughts to better understand who and what we are, expressions of Love King, be it in the seven lights and not in their reverseddefaults for these are darkness that was hidden in most humble love and abused continously.

A musical site I made for your ears and to help as the many do not know how to make mental silence, music is a perfect path for unity between cultures and beings, ourselves with our sensitive heart, a unifying tool for our souls, minds and human vehicles, to not only soothe the spirit and bring it to the heart, but massage and heal our energies.

All titles on SOUND PRIMAL VERB are 3D paintings for you. Youtube music tracks of all known musical pearls assembled for you so you may see and hear how music is constructed, accompanied you through all cycles in various forms all expressions of deep feelings thus of life and LOVE musicians cherish always, hurts and scars zo be transcended into beouties and flows and waves of mathematical rythms and geometries of scales and tempos. When the tracks said the same I would try to assemble them or draw energetic patterns with the musics for precise themes. I counsel to write down the titles you particularly appreciate, for many titles you will discover. Figure the music tracks like DNA stripes flowing around you, you will mention by listening to two, three or more tracks that your ears let go to let your body’s waters to sense all sounds. Be patient and counseled it is to listen to the tracks two per two for the titles that contain up to five simultaneous tracks, so you may comprehend how they were builded up. It was like seeing what had been composed in alignement with what, you see ?  May you invite not only the children we all are to discover what music really is for here you enter a new dimension of music, but may you bring these pages to the ears of blind people and let them tell you what it brings them to see, of utter importance will such moments be, for to re-explore our spirits life has pushed us and will go on in doing so, frequencies heightened, alignement of energies is needed, music is a practical way to align our energies to the universal harmonics. Enough talked this is practice. the titles have been made to heal many wounds and help reconstruct your energetic being, from the soul out you see, no intermediary but our free will to understand that har,monics is the only keys that can make us bathe and see the sacred instant of life lended to us and come back to gratitude for life if we had lost it on the way of sufferings life is not meant to be, but the more we fanbtasize of what life could be and not as it is, the more we get hateful and dement, the less able we become to learn. our inner child to keep in bounty it knew before we yet were born, harmonics are a grateful law to the beings we all are, restoring all the beings be they flows or creatures. In the Kristos to them bring were these musical landscapes and shores for you to see, the sacred instant not to question, it there needs your attention, your spirit it is that brings the father more and more into your world if you so wish. In the harmonics we stand in the heart of hearts, they fill our universe and thus are light and beings, think yes every second that nothing could there be, but an abyss of nothing and not even you to contemplate that void. To lord Love give gratitude because it is him that does when we act in bounties.

Simply put the tracks on one after the other calmly, they will play together and open up for you a new dimension of musics and discover what music actually really is: LIGHT.

All musicians and composers are respected on SOUND PRIMAL VERB EXPERIMENT because you can listen to each track separately. Also the first time we can SEE that the musicians HEAR the OTHER tracks and that is the wonder of the sacred instant you may also here enter in. Enjoy.

Here an example with « Energy is Spirit »

1199321301-sc-9Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.02.54Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 18.55.17same-source-4Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.15.00Capture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.11.05masai%cc%88-porteurs-de-lappel-de-bonte-regardesCapture d'écran 2017-12-03 19.21.58


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